Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Garage Progress: Phase 1

What a mess! Why do we have so much stuff? Regardless, I have finally finished Phase 1 of the garage organization.

We bought the shelves at Ikea for around $60 each. The light grey bins I had on hand but you can purchase these for about $5 each at Walmart. The dark grey bins were drawers from an old desk that was so old and bulky to move so we took it apart. The drawers were nice and sturdy so I saved for them a project like this. I painted them a dark grey to coordinate with the rest of the garage. The smaller bins with white tops I purchased for under $1 each at Walmart.

I used my awesome label maker to let us know exactly what was in each bin. I can't tell you how much I love my label maker!!! It's a sickness!!

Terry used to complain because I was saving all our old rice containers. I knew they would come in handy someday. I am using them to store our touch-up paint. I made labels with scrapbook paper to identify the brand, color, type and the room of our house that the paint is for. I put marbles in the bottom and then poured in the paint. Any left over paint that did not fit into these containers I disposed of (properly). This got rid of all those bulky cans that took up way too much space. I also used peanut butter jars as recycled paint storage. 

So, the garage is well on it's way but no where near being complete.

As for the picture organization....this is why we have been unable to eat at the table for the past two weeks. Almost done though and we an go back to family meals again.

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