Friday, June 28, 2013

Pantry Organization

Well, I didn't make any progress in the garage yesterday. Most of the day I worked on scanning family photos. My mother brought by another bin full the day before. Just when I thought I was done...

In the mean time, I will share some of the other areas of my house that I have organized already. The pantry in the kitchen was my first organization project. I still have to do some tweeking to get it the way I want but I will share what I have done so far.

If I had it my way I would take out the wire shelving the builder put in and add custom shelves but for now they will have to do. 

One of my twins getting his cup out of the cup basket.

All of the boy's things are down low so they can get things for themselves and put their things away. I have a basket that contains their bowls and plates. The two polka dot containers have their spoons and forks in them. 

The small glass containers I purchased at The Dollar Tree.

The medium containers were purchased at Old Time Pottery (OTP) for $2.50 each. 

The large popcorn container came from OTP as well for $5.

I used galvanized buckets to put all of my oils and sauces in. I got these at Hobby Lobby during their summer clearance last year. I think I only paid $5 each for them.  If hosting a party I can take all the oils and sauces out and use them to put beverages in. That is why I didn't label them.

I love my pantry now! The glass containers make it easy to see what I am out of and put it on the shopping list. I still have some labeling to do on some of the baskets and glass containers. 

Here's a TIP: 

On the pasta and bean containers put a label on each side for different kinds of pasta/beans. That way you can have a variety of pastas/beans without having an abundance of glass containers. When I run out of a certain type I turn it around and purchase the pasta or beans that are on the label on the other side. Pasta and beans do well for this because there is no residue left behind when you empty it. Flour and other powder staples need their own designated container because they leave a residue behind.

Be sure to wash your glass containers and dry them completely before adding your pantry staples.

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