Thursday, October 6, 2011

Loss of a Legend

This morning I nuzzled into my favorite chair with a hot cup of coffee enjoying the little peace and quiet I have before the boys start wailing for their breakfast. I turned on the Today show and almost spilled my coffee. Steve Jobs passed away. I knew he had been sick for quite some time but I still was not prepared for it to happen so soon.

My husband is in the computer industry so Steve Jobs is a person this household looks up to. We constantly have discussions about how his innovative mind is what is necessary to change the world and change the world he did.

We plan to raise our boys to be free thinkers and use their imaginations because that is where innovation comes from.  It is sad to know a great mind is no longer available to bless our world with his ideas. I am hoping that kids of this generation got more from Steve Jobs than a new gadget to play their music on. Hopefully they learned from him to never say "never" or "it can't be done".  He never accepted that as an answer from his employees. As a teacher I never accepted that from my students so I most definitely will never accept in from my own children.

Take the time to foster imagination in your children. Put away the store bought toys and get outside and take in the world around and get inspired. People think imagination is only useful in the Arts but it is imperative for everything we do.  Especially the sciences.

Mr. Jobs, thank you for blessing this world with your ideas and teaching us what innovation really is. You will forever be missed and remembered.

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